Level 3 (10 Users – 1TB)

$129.00 $99.00 for each 1 month


Level3 is a NDT radiography platform hosted in the cloud. No longer will you have to pay premium prices for old software. Get access to the modern NDT radiography cloud. With Level3, you can do many things that weren’t previously in one platform.

  • View, annotate and manipulate radiographs from any device, any form factor. Desktop or laptop. Tablet or phone. Mac or PC. iOS or Android. You get what I mean.
  • Share radiographs to your customers with ease. Simply hit the share button and pop an email address. Done. You can even do things like limit the time a radiograph is shared, password protect it, or even revoke access to that person is needed. The good thing is that they can also use the same viewer that you used without no tedious software installations. No more CDs or USB sticks!
  • Simple, secure, easy-to-use file storage. You will never have to worry about losing work ever again. All your radiographs and other files are securely stored on the cloud.
  • Backup free. You never have to worry about creating backups for your work. We do it for you. Automatically.
  • Level3 is device agnostic. Whether you buy your equipment from us or not, you can still use our software. All you need to do is simply install our app into your PC, point it to the folder where your images are saved and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Level3 also comes packaged with activity monitoring and user access control. Anytime a radiograph is added, you will know who added it, who modified it, and when.
  • You can also tag radiographs and folders to make it easier to search for things later on.


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